Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Giant Drag Play Their Part In A Wicked Game

I woke up this morning. Nearly. Well, I did, and then I got dressed, and got into the car and I went to sleep. Then I woke up and I got to school and it's like one long day-dream. Nothing happening, not listening, just floating. Anyway, I'm now listening to Diane Cluck's "Nothing but God" [from my new mixtape, Leaving... On a Slowly Falling Paper Plane], and it's weird. The sound is travelling from one ear to the next. Now, I don't know if it's the extremely lo-fi production, or the fact that my headphones are over-used, and the speaker things in them are blown? Well anyway, the point is, it's annoying. Hi! Alarm clocks. Yes. There was an alarm clock that just rang there now! Very clever. Anyone else like Guillemots? I do. Yes sirree. "And I think of you on cold winter mornings; Darling, they remind me of when we were at school" *cue alarm clock sounds*.

So, I was out last night, and that's why I was groggy this morning. Saw a play - goodish. Went to the Metro eventually. It was shit. Depressing. Boring, old, tired, overplayed music. And by old I mean old. But whilst we're on the subject of old music, maybe we should mention Chris Isaak? I've always liked Wicked Game - a brilliantly sad, pop song, á mon avis [even if slightly boring to some], and well, I didn't know Giant Drag covered it. Mainly 'cause I don't pay attention to anything about Giant Drag. I already have enough stuff to check up on.... so I'm not goin' to get dragged *Note: [/pun] down, am I? Anyway, the song wasn't on the original US release of Giant Drag's album, Hearts & Unicorns, [it was on the UK release, however], but now the band's label are re-releasing the album, with the cover version. Hardy had this to say on the matter:

"Obviously, the cover wasn't on the original version of the album because we didn't fucking want it there. It was a song that I had been playing before, and it's only three chords. Little did we know."

She also writes this on her website:

"wicked game" is out now, dudes
the new version of “hearts and unicorns” featuring “wicked game” as a bonus track is out now all up in america, so now you don’t have to be jealous of british people who were the only ones that had it up until now. this means that the UK version of “hearts and unicorns” is no longer very special so we are in the studio recording more crap so THAT one can get re-released with a real bonus track. this is pretty ridiculous but shit happens, i suppose.

Giant Drag

Go here to find that cover of Wicked Game. It's a bit good.
Stream Giant Drag songs here.
Check out an interview with Annie Hardy, here.


jrd said...

SIDE NOTE - if you like emergency&I pick up 'change' - best 10 bucks you've ever spent.

music is art said...

yay for diane cluck! :)

give her time...

nice blog btw