Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get Him Eat Him

A revelation came to me today - there now in fact: effectively, I could talk about nothing on here. As someone who was famous enough to be quoted once said: "I have nothing to say... and I am saying it... and that is poetry". Yip. So I'm listening to Analphabetapolotholy by Cap'n Jazz and it's fairly good. Although there now I remembered about an obscure-yet-brilliant artist [who I haven't fully listened to yet] who I'd rather be listening to. The name? Jaga Jazzist.

Anyway, here's some MP3's... today's artist is Get Him Eat Him. One of their members writes for Pitchfork. If you gimme a second I'll found out which one... Matt LeMay. So, there's an interesting fact for you. It's always good when rock critics become artists themselves. They know what's right, what sounds good, but can they conjure up that sound themselves? Personally, I believe so, since I quite like Get Him Eat Him... anyway, there's not much of a bio on the site [that I can find within 3 minutes, at any rate], and I'm too lazy to find one elsewhere so be content with the music. It's good stuff...

Get Him Eat Him

Mumble Mumble
Leaders in Doubt
No Not Nervous [highly recommended demo]


#1: Pity about the [insert adjective/leave blank] name.
#2: They seem like a blogger friendly band. Maybe we'll try and get an interview.
#3: Cap'n Jazz do a barely recognisable cover of Take On Me. It's interesting. And one of the riffs from one of the songs from this album sounded like... wait for it... Biffy Clyro.
#4: Buy Geography Cones.

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Get Him Eat Him said...

We are blogger friendly, and we love doing interviews! Thanks for the really nice post.