Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stay... please. I'm sorry.

So, I tried to fix some stuff there now on this blog. It just wasn't happening to be honest. I was editing blogger code [although since I don't understand it at all, you could say I was copy and pasting blogger code as opposed to actually editing it] and well, trying to fix links and stuff. To no avail. If you've noticed that when you click on the permanent link for a post, then the sidebar no longer has previous posts or anything. Hmm... well, just use your back-bar on your browser/keyboard. Works wonders so it does. I'm making another mixtape! A nice sleepy one this time... I finished High Fidelity. Good book. Although I read it really fast due to having seen the film already so knowing exactly what happens... bah. I hate that.

So... isn't Regina Spektor amazing? She is, isn't she? Well, there's a live track of her's called Loveology. It's really fun, but also quite sad... remove the "ology" from some of the words and you get: Kiss. Love. Stay. Please... I'm sorry. Forgive me. It's really bloody amazing, while being good fun. Makes me laugh. It might make you cry.

Regina Spektor

Uh-merica point giving you just one MP3, is there? Both songs are very fun. Enjoy.

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