Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Post-It! a reminder for myself

So this is as much to remind myself as anyone else, but you might be interested. Ever done your own research? Heard someone's name mentioned and thought "wow! sounds good! let's see what it's all about!"? In the process found your new favourite artist? Well, this is like that. Now, I'm going to post links for myself [and maybe you?] with reminders...

Jagjaguwar MP3's - why don't I go there more often? I like Minus Story, after all.

El Perro Del Mar - She's got a lovely lovely voice. She also did a split with Jens Lekman and he's amazing. Do a post on him 'cause he did a split with José Gonzalez. And he's well-loved.

Hybrism - the record label El Perro Del Mar is on. Lots of MP3's. I'd say they're good.

Cat Bird Seat - good blog [with its own record label]. Find and download all good songs. Especially Hemstad.

Motel de Moka - hey, dance tracks. Everyone's likes dancing. *Note: learn what looks like Spanish to read some of the posts

Jens Lekman - free MP3's are where it's at. I think I have all these. But maybe not?

Bunch of Beatniks - lots of MP3's. Maybe some treasures? But then again, maybe it's all trash.

On another note... Punctuation is something I rarely use properly on this site, and I don't know why. Too damn lazy I guess. And it's probably annoying... but I'm not reading it, so it's all good.

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