Monday, February 13, 2006

Anthems for the heart...

Seeing Broken Social Scene: was absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best gigs I've ever been to. Perhaps better than Sigur Ros in Dublin. Better than Radiohead in Dublin? Better than Idlewild in Dublin? Better than Biffy Clyro in Derry. This was Broken Social Scene in Belfast, and I fell in love with the singer, Lisa Lobsinger. Is it hard to see why?

The newest edition to the band, she is the former vocalist of Reverie Sound Revue, who made nice, pretty electro-pop. That band split up in 2004 however and her considerable vocal talents are now given a better opportunity in the Canadian collective. At the gig she was very quiet; standing still, patting her thigh in time to the beat, mesmerising the audience with her beautiful vocals... especially over "Anthems for a seventeen year old girl", probably the best song they performed all night - the most tense? Maybe. Ok, among the best songs performed all night. The finale though, of "It's all gonna break", was absolutely astounding... here's my closest - far off but you get the gist of it - estimation of Kevin Drew's little speech before hand...

"This song we're going to play now is for you. It's no longer for us. This one's for the lovers, for her and for him, for every person who has ever lived and every single person who has ever died. This is how it goes... we're gonna sing,

it's all...

And you're gonna scream. As loud as you can. Come on. For yourselves. Don't do this for us. Scream for yourselves


...gonna breaaak"

You had to be there. Honest. Best gig.

*Note: click for full-sized picture. It's massive. And it's now my desktop background. Sweet!

Oh, and I forgot to add. I got a hug off Kevin Drew.. as did everyone in the crowd who was near the front. Quote: "I'm comin' in to hug you. Don't punch me." He's adorable.

*Note: these pictures aren't from the Belfast gig.. And why? Well, I guess it's because I didn't take a camera. 'Cause i'm stupid.

Broken Social Scene

Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
KC Accidental
Pacific Theme
Looks Just Like The Sun
Almost Crimes

All MP3's direct-linked from this site. I think you should be nice, and visit it. Especially since, if you spend, say, 30 seconds on it, you'll find alot more Broken Social Scene MP3's. I just didn't want to usurp all their bandwidth, 'cause that's not nice... at all. Nor is direct linking from other blogs, but I'm currently trying to get hosting sorted, and also begin to understand it! Essential... but not happening anytime this century. Free hosting that's good is hard to come by for idiots, it seems.

Buy Broken Social Scene:

Feel Good Lost
You Forgot It In People

*Note: Order= B-Sides, then 1st (instrumental, and stylistically very different from other albums), 2nd (critically acclaimed... even by Pitchfork, and 3rd (just recently released in the UK, and probably my favourite by them) album by the fantastic collective.

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Dan said...

Ah yes
the one and only Lisa
WE are in love.

And i am still really glad i went to this gig, as in my opinion [ and ALOT of other peoples ]
it was one of, if not thee, best gig ever!

So i guess i owe that to Benjamin
..but more so to Broken Social Scene!