Tuesday, February 14, 2006

is this an alright start?

So I hope you like the blog, if you do, comment or email or something... today's post will be about Sigur Rós, the first amazing band that I saw live, and also a brilliant post-rock band - by my definition. The band consists of all its founding members, minus the original drummer who left the band to pursue a career in graphic design, after recording the band's masterpiece Agætis Byrjun ("an alright start"). He was subsequently replaced by orri.

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To date the band have released 4 albums, plus a remix album (Von Brigði), a soundtrack (Hlemmur) and an experimental EP (Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do). Of their albums proper, my two favourites are Agætis Byrjun and Takk.. ("thanks"), as they capture the glacial landscape as well as the beauty of life, aurally (which is something they strive to do). In a world of madness and mania, Sigur Rós offer an escape in the form of their music. You know the way people say of people: "she's my little ray of sunshine" or whatever? Well that's what Sigur Rós are... a glimmer of hope, and an escape. Their video's reflect this fact, with many of them featuring kids and old people acting like kids, wandering about and loving life foolishly. The Brackets album as it became known, ( ), was quite dark in comparison to these two albums and therefore less accessible. I like it, but could never fully appreciate the way I do their other albums. However there are many notable songs off it as well, like Vaka, and since I won the album in a competition, and Sigur Rós are one of my favourite bands anyway, I'm definitely not going to complain.

Reasons to love Sigur Rós:

a) I saw them live after only listening to them for about 3 hours that day - I came away from it mesmerised and couldn't sleep for ages.
b) They offer hope.
c) They seem like really cool down-to-earth guys.
d) Their music is extremely accessible, yet still inventive.
e) They make nice videos.
f) Their recording studio is a converted swimming pool.

Sigur Rós

Viðrar vel til loftárása

Enjoy. Ok, only joking, not finished yet. Since the videos are actually lovely:

...More Sigur Rós

Hoppípolla - Official Video
Glósóli - Official Video

...and for the curious, I can link you to more information on the band, if you want?

...Even More Sigur Rós

A full band biography (official) is available here.
More MP3's and videos are available here.
Here is the website of their recording studio.
Go here for English translations of their lyrics - they're a bit twisted, really.

Buy Sigur Rós from their online shop.

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