Monday, February 13, 2006

Still post-rock?

So, since I've decided to have so many themes - just wait 'til y'hear:

Post-Rock [already started]
Gigs I've been to [posts on all the bands of all the gigs I've been to - not that many]
Broken Social Scene and Intrinsic Bands [self-explanatory: Broken Social Scene and the bands that make up the numbers]
Favourite Artists [self-explanatory]

Drowned in Sound Recordings [posts on current and previous bands on the label]

...well, because of this, I've decided that I'll just post inter-mittently on these themes, whenever I feel fit. And in order to make them themes proper, once they're over I'll make a short post linking to all the posts on the theme. Sounds sweet, eh? But since this is still post-rock...


Let's all go here to listen to Gideon Coe's BBC 6 Music show, in order to listen to Jeniferever - live in session - in order to celebrate their new single, 'From Across the Sea' - formerly linked on this site - released today. Their album will be released a month from today. So, enjoy...

1 comment:

Park That Car . Drop That Phone . [steve] said...

yes ... this is one SWEET band.
and thanks benj, or introducing me to them.
you seem to do that a lot these days.
i likkkke it