Thursday, February 16, 2006

...oh! I almost forgot!

That's what Chris Martin [singer of Coldplay] looks like. Now, the thing I forgot to add to my last post was: you should go download some Coldplay songs sung by Benjamin Costello.

Pointless fact: Benjamin Costello doesn't look like Chris Martin.
Obvious Fact: Benjamin Costello covers songs that Chris Martin has sang.
Well-Known Facts: Chris Martin has a child. Chris Martin's wife is Gwyneth Paltrow. She looks like this:

Benjamin Costello Covers Coldplay

The Scientist
We Never Change

*Note: click on picture to go to the Make Trade Fair website.
*Extra Note: I apologise for these posts today seeming like tyrades. I'm not being scene. I just think Chris Martin's Brit Award speech was stupid. Very, very stupid. Like the Brits. Although I felt an obligation to cover the Brits, so I did.

Important Note: I used to like Coldplay, mainly the 1st album - Parachutes, but I also appreciated the 2nd album - A Rush of Blood to The Head. However, their 3rd album - X & Y - reflects their discovery that it is indeed possible to over-produce already formulaic music and still get awards/lots of money for the effort [or lack there-of]. Pity.

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