Friday, February 17, 2006

Sometimes you just have to go elsewhere

So, this is the regular feature [well, it will be made regular, soon] - the round-up of the blogs. It won't be monthly, weekly, or daily, [i.e. it's not stringent time-settings]... it will just be whenever enough good stuff comes up. And enough has come up. So here you have it:

Go here [and quickly] to download Mogwai (live) on OneMusic. Very good quality, and since everyone's getting into Mogwai these days you might as well go see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Why should you go quickly? Because it's a large file and Matt [Skatterbrain] seems to have a habit of taking down large files rather soon after posting them. Example: I couldn't get the Sufjan video I wanted to get, just there now. And it's still on the front page. But then, he hosts music [and I don't], so he wins.

Similarly go here to download Two Gallants on Lamacq Live. Well worth downloading, just to hear the band be... let's say difficult by basically making Steve Lamacq sound... let's say silly.

Also, go here and here for Matt's [YANP] brilliant Valentine's day mixtapes [anti-love and pro-love, respectively]. Also go quickly for those since they'll be down soon.

Go here for an excellent post on Jonah Matranga, former singer of Far [a brilliant band I was introduced to a few years ago by a friend on the internet]...

Go here to get the new track from The Streets.

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Matt said...

i can send you that sufjan video over aim if you want it... just email it to me or post it in the comments or something.