Thursday, February 16, 2006

Intriguing acoustic covers

As promised, here's a post on Benjamin Costello. I was going to do it eventually - the reason I'm doing it now is that I - just this moment - heard his cover of Radiohead's brilliant Wolf at the Door. It's intriguing... like really. It removes the freaky elements of the original, and instead turns them into sadness. Ok, so I'm just looking at his site now, [just this bit, right here] and I actually didn't realise how much bloody music is on it. Jeez. I went to the news page and downloaded everything from there - but I didn't realise [ok, I'm an idiot] that there was alot more on his actual media page. So, am I annoying you with italics yet? Also of interest is his cover of Damien Rice's Older Chests, you'll see why [I was going to explain, but then realised: I already have I'm just going to link you to my favourite MP3's by him, since I actually don't know anything about him. Maybe I'll drop him a line and get an interview?

Everything I know/Reasons to like him:

a) He likes Radiohead [my favourite band - ever], Death Cab For Cutie, Damien Rice, and others.
b) He shares the same namesake as myself, and Benjamin Gibbard.
c) He does a lot of interesting covers, and some of his own stuff.
d) He promotes the sharing of music, and practises what he preaches.
e) He's damn good.

Benjamin Costello

Just For Now - original
Wolf at the Door - Radiohead Cover
Let Down - Radiohead Cover
Older Chests/Redemption Songs - Damien Rice/Bob Marley Cover
Cannonball - Damien Rice Cover
Lack of Color - Death Cab For Cutie Cover

*Note: I meant to pick the absolute best original [or two] and link to them, but I slept alot last night and didn't get a chance. The original I did link to is very good though from what I remember. Next post will be on like, Bright Eyes, or something like that. Dunno yea.


supergurg said...

ben is indeed awesome, discovered him a month or so ago - really down to earth guy when you get to talk to him


Tim Young said...

just to let you know that I've blogrolled you guys at

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